Irrational Pricing Wins!

Sonia Friedrich presents clear, practical and easy pricing solutions from behavioural science, that can make or save you, and your business money

For people who want to improve their pricing or profitability

1. Clear Thinking
Transform how you think about pricing forever

2. Practical 
Learn how to apply more than 19 behavioural science insights to your pricing. Test, measure and prove what is good, better, and best for your business

3. Easy
Sonia makes behavioural science easy. She bridges academic insights to share how you can apply behavioural economics and behavioural science to your pricing immediately

Invest in your business bottom line
Free handouts
+3 hours of empowering presentations
LEarn at your own pace, OR with your team

esigned to:
  * empower you 
  * improve YOUR profit  
  * Change your culture

Ideal for you if you are in marketing, sales, finance; a founder, ceo start up or scale up. Upskill your sales teams and customer success teams today on how the brain really works when people spend money

Today understanding the brain is your business.

Are you confident with your pricing?
Do you shy away from speaking about price?
Do you think you should be making more money or profit?
Are you charging what your product or service is worth?

Sonia Friedrich Presents 

Sonia presents Nobel Prize winning insight and thought leadership from around the globe on Behavioural Economics and Behavioural Science. See what influences your customers to buy your product or service...or not. You can apply this to your pricing today.

Humans are Irrational
Did you know humans (you, your customers, your employees, suppliers, me, in fact everyone) are predictably irrational? The 'gold' lies in the fact that people are predictable. When you understand heuristics (short cuts the brain takes) that lead to cognitive errors (biases) in decision making, you can change how you solve business problems involving humans.

Designed to be Easy for Your Brain 
  • 'Chunked' into 8 Sections to make learning easier for you and your brain. With a total of 35 'learning bites'
  • Short videos range from 00:43 seconds to 14.53 minutes
  • Slides and presentation created for ease of learning and high memory recall
  • Handouts provide a reference to use along the way, and guide you afterward

Why Irrational Pricing Wins!  You will learn
  • +19 insights from behavioural economics and behavioural science 
  • Two critical reasons that influence how much customers actually spend on your product or service.  Hint: It has little to do with your product or price!
  • How to work with, not against, the two systems of the Brain:
        - System 1
        - System 2
  • The foundational power of Loss Aversion
  • Your Two 'Secret Agents' 
  • Magic 3, Magic 6, and Magic 9 
                                                      ...and so much more

Never Discount Again
  • Understand why discounts can permanently damage brand value (in the memory of your customer's brain), and what you can apply instead

  • Refer to the Discount Margin Table Handout to see how much discounting is really costing you
  • Look at the impact a small price increase can have instead

Run Your 'Nudge Experiments' 
Test. Measure. Prove.
  • Run 'nudge experiments' and prove outcomes. Then roll them out and, continue to measure for long term impact. Become an Experimenter within your business. Experiment, or pilot, live in market. Prove ROI on a small scale before you roll the BeSci nudges out.
  • You might want to run multiple Nudge Experiment arms at once.
  • You will prove what is good, better, best. Keep nudging and Experimenting. Measure for short and long-term success

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      Remember, humans are predictably Irrational!

Irrational Pricing Wins! Includes:

Sonia Friedrich

Be.Sci. Strategic Consultant.
Keynote Speaker. 
more about sonia...
Sonia is a leader in the application of Behavioural Economics and Behavioural Science in Business, and a trusted Global Keynote Speaker.  Since 2011 she has applied Behavioural Science to shatter entrenched paradigms and give her clients the edge. She has made and saved clients $Millions. Sonia works with CEO's, Founders, Executives and their Teams, from Fortune 500 companies to Start Ups. She works with innovators and businesses in crisis. Sonia is a member of and on the Faculty for KPMG Upside Founders Programme (Australia).

She employes a team of consulting statisticians, data analysts and behavioural scientist to work on projects globally, nationally and locally, as required. Sonia has worked with clients in the USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Clients have included The Dow Jones Group, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Abbvie, EO, Department of Industry Innovation and Science, Grande Experiences, ThinkCyber, Schoolstream, Naked Juice Bar and more.

"Amazing" "Enlightening" "Inspiring". Is the  consistent feedback from her events
Speaking events include Australasian Women in Packaging Forum, Exchange Summit, Nudgestock, The NOW FEST, Entrepreneurs Organisation, Paint and Panel, and Cowry Summer School, to name a few. 

Contact Sonia as the Keynote Speaker for your next event:
 [email protected]

"So much of what I used to do in building brands for Fortune 500 Companies I would never recommend again. Today it is obsolete. BeSci changes the game, proves outcomes, and brings the fun back into business. It directly changes behaviour and the bottom line. I find it amazing." Sonia
Proven Results
Irrational Pricing Wins! has helped to make, and save, clients $Millions

"You are a Revenue Rockstar"
Maria Collyer
Founder Naked Juice Bar, Sweden.
Entrepreneur of the Year. 
"Average new order value increase of +515%. 
This alone is a staggering results demonstrating how B.E plays a critical role in any business strategy"
Melissa Bridson
Founder and CEO School Stream, Australia
"...One of our first nudges was as simple as (xxxx) which saw:
    18% increase in transactions
    24% increase in revenue
    19% increase in conversions
Our learnings from Sonia are now the driving force behind our entire conversion rate optimisation strategy and has permeated throughout our day to day decision making."
Sami Gilroy 
Digital Strategy Manager. Spell an the Gypsy Collective (Australia, USA) .
Now GM Syatt Media, Australia

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